Serving the publishing industry since 2010: ebook creation, global distribution, ONIX metadata generator, accessibility specialists for ePub and PDF. One panel, endless possibilities.

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A 'human' system. At your disposal a control panel designed for the management of all processes related to digital publishing sector.
Through the tools at your disposal you will take giant steps in the ebook business. You will be followed by passionate people who understand your needs and goals. We listen to our customers and work together to create a professional experience of 'trust' and a relationship that is not only economic, but also 'human'.

  • Innovation: the best publishing, pagination and digitization services to produce professional quality and accessible books and/or ebooks.
  • Efficiency: a system and a team of people who will make sure that you waste the minimum time for the management of your orders, files, invoices, collections, etc...
  • Guarantee: we never ask for advance payments. First we deliver the files and only after your acceptance we send the invoice. More protected than this?
  • Speed: 10 days delivery time for all services. Do you need it before? Just ask! For distribution ebooks will be online in 24 hours. For Onix files immediate creation.
  • Distribution: put your catalog for sale in the best bookstores in the world and forget about the complications with 9% commission only.